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The most difficult and time consuming costume to date... over 100 hours of work went into it with nearly a year of adjustments to the harness system to hold the wings to the vinyl corset, finally fixed by Lionel of Usagichan.com at Nan Desu Kan 2008. Nearly everything was made by me: dress, corset, gloves, wings, and boot cover. The 3 wings are made from 800 hand trimmed feathers and a PVC, chicken wire, and batting base on a pretty sturdy (but heavy) frame. The wings have also had bad run-ins (and inside jokes) with UPS, making transporting the suckers a pain. Big thanks to my Angel Sanctuary group at Anime Oasis Nana: Yunie as Rosiel, Yumesan as Setsuna, Mythrin as Kurai!

Photos 1-48 credited to Darkain.com, photos 49-53 credited to Idolatry Studios, and photos 54-55 credited to LJinto.


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