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I needed an excuse to make a new pair of wings, and wearing Alexiel is always so nostalgic. When my friend Eve mentioned doing AngelSanct at Katsucon 13, I found the perfect reason. Bearing few usable reference images of her final outfit, I had to improvise and take artistic liberties such as guessing the colors. The bodice and skirt were patterned by me using the wrong side of an otherwise sparkly tan polyester because another white Alexiel outfit haha no. Due to the simple design, per usual, I added small embellishments like appliques to the skirt and embroidered designs to the sleeves. Her absurd wire necklace was made with jewelry wire. Gloves and boots were pre-owned. The wig was $12 wig on Ebay from China that I styled to look like a $40 wig, but otherwise came in the perfect length and color. The wings were a trial and error experience using techniques from my previous FFVIII Siren a base of thick gauge copper wire, embroidery floss, polyester batting, and 2 lbs of turkey rounds all hand trimmed by me. They are worn via thick elastic straps that wrap around the underbust of a bra without need of shoulder straps or a stabilizing corset, and disconnect at the joints into 3 parts through hidden industrial velcro under the feathers. Thus they are at maximum only 5 lbs, withstand convention wear and tear, and collapse to fit in my suitcase! Lionel is a total doll and made my Nanatsusaya crystal sword from thick layers of clear vinyl! Not having made or worn an Alexiel costume since 2009 made making this very nostalgic and emotional, i just love this sad series so so much! Overall, Im extremely happy with the construction of the wings and getting them to look realistic but reasonable to transport. So many thanks to Lionel for making my sword, it photographs incredibly beautifully!

Photo 1 credited to Joseph Lin, photo 2 credited to Martin Wong, photo 3 credited to Anna Fischer, photo 4 credited to Judith Stephens, photos 5-7 credited to Jessie Pridemore, photo 8 credited to American Cosplay Paradise, photos 9-28 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 29-30 credited to Sleepy, photo 31 credited to Cliff Nordman, photos 32-33 credited to Orobouros.net, photo 34 credited to Daniel Gray Photography, and photos 35-37 credited to Eurobeat King.


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