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She is so adorable! Soon as I saw her character released for the game, I knew I wanted to cosplay her (a Russian cosplaying a Russian, the irony!). The default purple and pink costume was cute, but I was more attracted to the Swedish-dress for Player 2. The satin casa dress was based on a Simplicity pattern that I had to alter to make it flair the way game stills suggested, and to take out the center seam where the circles were supposed to go. I took my time finding lace and trim matching the game renders, and pretty much killed the pixels on my TV keeping the game running on the character customization menu to draw her center circles, lol. Unfortunately, the first paint coat absolutely hated the fabric and wouldnít properly absorb, so I went over it after it set with puffy paint. The shirt was purchased and altered, the shoes from Goodwill, and the wrist vines made from the remains of Revaís costume that I glued roses on to. The wig. The wig was horrendous. I bought a cheap China wig that turned out to be a darker pink than was advertised, too thin, too short, and poor fiber quality. I sewed in long wefts from another pink wig lying around, cut and styled both sides, and somewhat curled the extension. The red half was done by hand with red sharpies that eventually faded into some kind of dark pink, which was exactly what I intended it to do. The hair piece was constructed using craft store daisy floral arrangements and vines. Iím extremely proud of the effort put into it, just disappointed that the end result wasnít as good as it could have been. Next time, Iím ponying up the money for a good wig. Thank you to all the lovely ladies in our Fanime Tekken group, and especially to Imari for being the sexy Lars. <3

Photos 1-4 credited to Darkain.com, photos 5-7 credited to David Yu Photography, and photos 9-22 credited to Richard Bui Photography.


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