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Iíve been a raving Tekken fan since Tekken 2, so it was really about time I finally made another costume from my most beloved arcade fighting game. I love this outfit so much! I knew I had to make it after I saw the figure released and even pre-ordered it to have the best reference possible, because I honestly found her default outfit repulsive. As usual with costumes I adore, I go above and beyond whatís really necessary, and Alisa was no exception. The duster, sleeves and choker were all made out of dupioni silk I hand dyed in hot and cold vats, which was a lot of fun! The duster itself was patterned and tailored by me, mostly with draping on the dress form. The wig was also colored by hand, which I donít relish doing again. I kept her left curls loose and fresh because they appear to not be in a tight curl in the figure version; the boots were altered, and socks purchased from Sock Dreams and also hand dyed. There are a lot of little details all over the costume that generally get overlooked like the gorgeous rhinestone butterfly pin, lace and silk covered bra, morning star daisies, embellished roses, and blinged out belt. This costume is my baby, so much work went into it, and I couldnít be happier with the result. She has such a wide variety of poses being a cute girl in a fighting game that Iíll never get tired of wearing it! Iíll really finish her jetpack in the future.

Photos 1-4, 24-36 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 5-6 credited to LJinto, photos 7-8 credited to Dr Teng, photos 9-10 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum, photos 11-14 credited to Tiffany Chang, photos 15-23 credited to Eurobeat King, and photos 37-43 credited to Dustin Leitzel.


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