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The nightmare that plagued me for 3 months prior to Sakura-con '09. Bar none, the dress took the longest - approximately a month to a month and a half, and there are still aspects of it which I'm unhappy with. The dress came out too short when I didn't buy enough casa satin (but in such a perfect beige!), but that was the least of my worries. I first started with hand painting, then Rit dyeing, and finally rubbed raw the skin off my fingers when I realized that scrubbing with water and concentrated bleach did the trick. I really liked the dye and gold designs on the shoulders and arms (done with puffy paint), as well as other minute details all over like stitching on the dress bottom, painting the shoes, and decorating the mask with small incisions; it was my first experience with craft foam (and lots and lots of varnish), but it kept its shape and did its job of confusing my eyesight for the day. The back wings were incomplete, so I only had three in the back attached to a wood back-piece, which gave me rope burns around the shoulders after not too long. The head dress was one of the easier parts, made out of Rigid Wrap, PVC pipe and newspaper, painted over and secured to my back via the same back-piece, feathers attached last. I topped off the look with gray Geo contacts to make my one good eye enlarged and more prominent while the mask was on.

Photos 1-11 by Darkain.com, photos 12-17 by Idolatry Studios, and photo 18 by Cliff Nordman.


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