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Ive wanted a DBZ group for years now, and Android 18 was my favorite lady of the series badass, mysterious, aggressive, and able to hold her own in battle! We had a small group planned but it fell through last minute, so I ended up making her own my own anyway to wear briefly to a shoot on top of the Ritz-Carlton in down town LA! Although really simple, I enjoyed bringing her to life. The shirt was a T-shirt I cut up and added sleeves to. The wig was a long skin top with bangs that got ruined with heat on accident a while back, so I cut out the bangs, added a new hair line, and shortened it into a bob. Very proud of it! The boots are suede winter boots I owned. Im quite glad to give some love to this classic DBZ girl, even with a simple variation. Shooting on the pool roof of the Ritz in downtown LA during 4th of July with all the fireworks going off was simply amazing, like shes looking over a city about to be demolished, haha!

Photo 1 credited to Anna Fischer, photo 2 credited to LJinto, and photos 3-8 credited to Carroll Kong.


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