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Most the toga was made with recycled white bridal casa and trimmed with a gold lace, the pants out of a more metallic spandex, leg straps out of slightly weathered pleather, and arm bands interfaced with top and bottom appliques (I stared at CG renders for hours to figure out what the difference of fabrics were, no joke). As with all costumes I put a lot of love into, there are a lot of details that don't necessarily photograph well but had thought put into it, such as meticulous styling of her messy "Roman" hair bun, textures of fabrics taken straight from game renders, and even Jin/Jun's tattoo applique'd beneath the wrist guards. The wings are my favorite part, and I can't wait to share more photos of them. They were made completely through experimentation and years of wing prop building, so they're super light and require no shoulder straps or corset to stay in place, but do well with movement around the convention and fighting poses. They're made from the same materials as my FFVIII Siren - copper wire, embroidery floss, polyester batting, and turkey rounds from rainbowfeatherco.com - however were designed so they disconnect at the joints into 3 pieces to conveniently fit in my suitcase! As soon as I heard back in August that Angel would be a playable character in TTT2, I had to make her. She was one of my favorites back in Tekken 2 (probably before most cosplayers nowadays were even born, lol) and am not disappointed with her gameplay nor design. I'm really proud of the wings and designing them to be not only worn without the need for shoulder straps or a corset, but that they fit in a suitcase.

Photos 1-3, 15-16 credited to CK December, photos 4-5, 17 credited to Sleepy, photos 6-14 credited to Usagichan.com, photo 18 credited to GJF, photos 19-21 credited to Tiffany Chang, and photos 22-29 credited to Kevin Chan Photography.


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