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This is probably the most tacky outfit Anna could possibly wear. So I had to make it, simple as that. It was completed for Katsucon previously that year, but I got an opportunity to wear it with a talented group of friends at Sakuracon, and stuck Calciumbomb in my TTT2 Angel. I patterned my own onesie (canít believe I actually said that), trying to follow the grain of the zebra print. Fur was hand sewn and hat was also patterned and sewn by me from scratch. I had no wig similar to Annaís so I used my own hair and it seemed to work fine. Our Tekken group for Sakuracon was baller! Unfortunately, itís pretty impossible for anyone to look flattering in zebra print, but it was a fun project anyway and thatís the real joy of making and wearing costumes. :)

Photo 1 credited to Joshua Lewis/KOMO News, photo 2 credited to David Ngo, photos 3-5 credited to WinterWish Photography, photos 6-12 credited to Sleepy, and photos 13-14 credited to Everon.


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