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Heaven System is an online comic made and drawn by my very talented friend CJ (Sozokureed), so when he asked me to model one of his characters, I happily agreed. However, due to other projects getting in the way I had been holding off on making this for over a year, and Fanime 2010 seemed like the opportune time since CJ got so many friends together to form his original comic character cast. The corset was purchased and altered, and the jacket altered from an existing pattern. I didn’t want the jacket clashing with so much brocade on the outfit already, so I used a matte polyester outside, but still lined the inside with leftover brocade for my own amusement. From there, I simply sewed kimono-like free flowing sleeves, made a gather for the legs, and drafted the gold collar “cape”. The bottom was a little challenging because the loincloth is not usually seen in the art, but I included it in the front and back to attach to the belt via velcro. The back bow which doesn’t show up too much in photos was also hand made, heavily interfaced and finished with Heat-N-Bond to give it that full and stiff look. For the wig I used one as a base, and pinned another for the ponytail, but it turned out to be very heavy and kept sliding and moving no matter how many pins I put in to keep it in place. CJ made both the crossbows and altered the shoes for me. :) I absolutely hate the wig, but at least I know for next time to use a short wig with a clip-in pony, because it made me feel terrible to have a crappy wig that deterred from the rest of the costume. The shoes looked very sexy, but were quite painful to wear after a short while because being platform heels, all the weight was on the balls of my feet. All the lovely ladies who came together to make this awesome group happen were just marvelous!

Photos 1-5 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 6-16 credited to Eurobeat King, photos 17-18 credited to BlizzardTerrak, photos 19-20 credited to LJinto, and photo 21 credited to Darkain.com.


All characters (c) their rightful owners. All costumes (c) the members of Engi, please do not use pictures without permission.