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This was made to compete with my friend Ashe for C4 USA preliminaries, initially over the course of 2 months. I've had an itch to make some version of Artoria one day, and since she was making Mordred it made sense to do Lancer, as it's less often seen. Leotard is reinforced with steel boning and double lining to help with moisture (and I could put in an adorable cartoon crown cotton lining), all dupioni silk bias tape is hand made. The fur trim is New Zealand sheepskin, because getting a faux fur with the same thickness and texture would run even more expensive, so I opted for a bit more realistic, cold weather look. The fur trim and peachskin cape attach via magnets for easy removal and aesthetic look. Wig was Amphigory with extra weft extensions sewn in to thicken the French braid.

Photos 1-3 credited to Alexandra Lee Studios and photo 4-5 credited to Eurobeat Kasumi.


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