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When I saw Aya’s design for 3rd Birthday, I loved it. When I saw the CG art for her in the same outfit but torn to bits and pieces, I was motivated to actually make it. Who wouldn’t want half an ass cheek hanging out of your pants, really? It is the simplest costume ever, that (not surprisingly) got the most attention. I spent an evening ripping up a perfectly good pair of jeans from Goodwill with scissors, a horsehair brush, a dryer, and bloodied up the ends with watered down acrylic. The belt and boots were both purchased. Her dog-tag was out of painted craft foam. I made the shirt out of leather-looking pleather, and I nearly cried when I had to tear it up all my pretty top-stitching and tailoring with a serrated knife. The wig was recycled from Ingus and restyled, though a little too short for my tastes. It's a really fun, easy costume, and super comfy!

Photo 1 credited to Everon, photos 2-9 credited to Ollie, photos 10-11 credited to Daniel Gray, and photos 12-22 credited to Eurobeat King.


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