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Parasite Eve was one of my favorite (and scariest) games growing up, so I really looked forward to wearing her iconic dress. It was pretty easy in theory: buy a black cocktail dress off Ebay, alter it, and done. The first wig I got was trimmed in the hotel room and generally a monstrosity, so I repurposed a wig from Taobao for her second wear and am very happy with the result. I didnít get any photos of it with Hybrid-Twist as Kyle, but I was psyched for a chance to reprise her for Dragoncon 2012 with Kapalaka as Melissa Pearce! The photoshoot was just fierce, I couldnít be more happy.

Photo 1 credited to LJinto, photo 2 credited to Chris Gillenwater, and photos 3-9 credited to Kevin Walker.


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