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I loved cosplaying Mudkip, and wanted to do more cute Pokemon renditions. Searching through all the art, Beautifly stood out as something adorable, and simple, for a planned shoot, so I chose you, Beautifly, lol! I made this literally the day before/of the shoot. I bought and embellished the T-shirt, and sewed the skirt out of a black amaretto at the very last minute. I think her skirt is supposed to have two lines of gold but…I guess haste makes waste. The butterfly head piece was drawn and cut out of craft foam, and attaches by hair clips; the wig was recycled from my Tomoyo costume. I used my purple Geo lenses to give my eyes large, bug-like look. We used a collectible pokeball for the shoot, I loved cosplaying Pokemon, more will definitely happen in the future!

All photos credited to SilencerAl.


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