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Ive wanted to make Black Widow for a number of years, and figured with Kotobukiya releasing a couple of figurines of her, and Dragoncon coming up which holds a focus on comics, scifi and alternative media I should throw her together. And really, Natasha is the best of the Black Widows in my opinion (Yelena coming in second), so I was very excited to wear this! Costume was pretty easy, wet look lycra suit re-used from a previous costume, arm bands from a gold prop bolero, belt made in under an hour from resin gems and painted foam; though for the next wear the entire belt will be silicon cast and the wrist bands will be shell casings. Resin gems by WindoftheStars, MPK5 provided by my east coast personal arms dealer Ronin. I decided on a hybrid between the Kotobukiya figure and movie using my own hair, mostly because I couldnt be bothered to wear a wig in that godawful humidity for another 5 hours. People seemed to like it a lot though!

Photo 1 credited to LJinto, photos 2-3 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum, photos 4-7 credited to Bert Minh, photos 8-16 credited to Tiffany Chang, photos 17-26 credited to Ollie, photos 27-40 credited to Eurobeat King, and photo 41 credited to Anna.


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