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When I learned of the Bollywood Final Fantasy summons group India and Umister were concocting, I had several ideas of creatures I could interpret, so when I got an opportunity to cosplay with the group at Dragoncon, I had to do something unique and creative with the list of summons still available. Having chosen the challenging to interpret and somewhat hilarious King Cactuar, I had think of a design and stick to it less I went crazy with Bollywood ideas, especially when the sari I ordered online never arrived. I decided to take inspiration from Aishwarya Rai for the wig and makeup, and stick with sage greens, golds and whites to represent cactus flowers and needles. The bodice is patterned by me from a darker green brocade, and used leftover for an accenting trim on the bottom of the skirt. The skirt was made from taffeta and accented with organza draping around the mid section, complimented by green and white rhinestones in lines like little needles. The sari was my favorite part, it was matching wrinkle organza decorated with hundreds of crystal rhinestones and green and white flowers like the delicate blossoms on a desert cactus. The jewelry was purchased on Ebay, and I made a headband with three gold needles like King Cactuar! I was incredibly happy to be a part of Dia and Umisterís Bollywood Final Fantasy summons group, and was nothing short of impressed with the talented ladies who were involved with it. Plus, none of the colors clashed or overlapped, and each design was uniquely its own!

Photo 1 credited to Anna Fischer, photos 2-3 credited to Robert Minh Le, photo 4 credited to LJinto, photo 5 credited to Photoninja, and photos 6-18 credited to Dustin Leitzel.


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