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I did Candy Cane from Rumble Roses at the bequest of my boyfriend, and when we found out Kylie and Imari were going to put together a little group, I was pushed in :P I'm honestly not very happy with how this turned out, it was such a rush job the day before the con that I forgot things like the eyelets on her boot-covers, her elbow guards, etc... Little details that I'm usually good with were sacrificed for time, and her wig wasn't cooperating so I had to use my own fried hair instead. xD In short: I looked a bit of a mess. Thank God I know some talented photographers who make this crappy costume look half good. But it was fun posing with the other girls, we definitely had some funny poses going.

Photo 1 by BlizzardTerrak, photos 2-4 by LJinto, and photos 5-9 by Darkain.com.


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