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Emeraude never rang out as a particularly strong character to me despite her tragic ending, but the decision to make her was immediately made when Nessa and Melissa asked me to be in their Rayearth group for Fanime '09. Having finals, moving, and other costume commitments in the same time frame as making this, I had to do as much as I could with the time I had nevering having previously made a large dress like this, while still impressing masquerade judges. The bodice is a beautiful bridal satin, fully boned made with a wedding dress pattern, with small leave machine embroidery around the boning panels. The skirt was hand patterned by me in order to match the unusual gathering in the artwork, with matching embroidery around the train, lain on a purchased hoop skirt. The sleeves took me the longest strangely, as I couldn't figure out how to properly pattern her large poofy sleeves without connecting them to the dress; when it came to me though, they turned out marvelously! I opted to carry the white lilies canonly seen in her artwork, wrapped with bridal satin and strung pearls. The armor, resin gems, and headpiece were all kindly constructed by MyKasou, and only assembled together by me with additional pearls added. The group won Best of Division Advanced Craftsmanship at Fanime 2009

Photos 7-10 by Usagichan.com, photos 11-17 by Asianschoolboy.com, photos 18-20 by Eurobeat King, photos 21-22 by Gamerfan, photos 23-24 by LJinto, and photos 25-29 by Darkain.com.


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