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Emma's a fabulous bitch and have loved seeing the evolution and development of her character through the years and changing writers, she's become such a strong character and leader, far more than just the clothes she wears. It was good to do a more publicly wearable version of her after so many years, and I had a ton of fun prancing around with our X-men group and Kev as Cyclops. The only part I made of this was the bodice and cape, due to time constrictions and general laziness. I chose to make the cape out of chiffon to give it a light drape feel and move well with the wind for photos. The vinyl pants and boots were purchased, as were the lambskin leather gloves. The wig is the same lace-front used for Ms. Marvel because I wanted the bright comic look to come across from the Kotobukiya artwork, and commissioned Kapalaka to print and sculpt the stunning X-emblem and a matching one for Kev that we'll yet use in the future.

Photo 1 credited to Mindfall Media, photos 2 and 17 credited to Otis Casey Photography, photo 3 credited to LJinto, and photos 4-16 credited to Usagichan.com.


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