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I probably spent way too much time over analyzing the exact color of her dress because it comes out a very light silver-gray in behind the scenes captures, but appears much darker in the film after treated with post-processing. I felt captivated by how ethereal it looked on Cate Blanchett in BTS and promotional stills for the production book, so I went with that version, motivated partially by the moving story of how they attained the effervescent wig she wore for both LotR trilogy and Hobbit films. Accessories purchased on Amazon, wig styled by me, dress made using Simplicity pattern #1551. I've wanted to make her for a while, and a friend's Lord of the Rings themed birthday party earlier this year was the perfect excuse... Which also meant no 10 ft train at a house party lol!

Photos 1-2 credited to Eurobeat Kasumi and photos 3-5 credited to GCF Photography.


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