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This was almost an awkward costume to do since I was an Umi fan for years, but as I grew older Hikaru's strength and character grew on me, so when I saw this costume for sale, I picked it right up! The red shirt, shoulder-shawl, top skirt and pouch belt were purchased from Dragon Illusions' Shawny, who made it to perfection with buckles and clips, and it just happened to fit me to a "T". The headpiece was constructed in one night with wire, resin gem, and an elastic synthetic fabric with interfacing; the petticoat was purchased, the braid sewn into a pre-existing Ebay wig, and everything else basically put together for this.

Photo 1 by Divideby0.com, photos 2-8 by LJinto, and photos 9 and 10 by Darkain.com.


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