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I was asked by my good friend Floatyman to make Iri, and after watching the series and really liking her character, I decided to actually make a canon outfit of hers. The dress body was made out of charmeuse and patterned by me; since no two artworks of her dress appear to be the same, I took liberties on the design and made the skirt into two layers, one an elongated circle skirt and the outer layer a longer drape. The bodice was accented with three layers of gold trim, the skirts with gold lame ribbon, and the sleeves made from layered tulle and ribbon since the artwork suggests a semi-transparent sleeve, but no one seems to make it that way. The wig is a lace front from Arda with minimal styling, and the costume was finished off with red contacts. Lionel Lum kindly let me borrow the scabbard Avalon and sword Excalibur to pose with! I feel really elegant and pretty in this, though the red contacts are impossible to wear without discomfort it seems. Also, I adore the white lace front wig, with the natural hairline it gives I simply donít see myself going back go normal wigs. I didnít get to wear it with the original group planned, but I was extremely grateful to play with Eve, Peter and Tako and make our own Team Emiya for Fanime! They were delightful and simply perfect!

Photos 1 and 6 credited to Joseph Lin, photos 2-4 credited to Sleepy, photo 5 credited to Bill Hinsee, photos 7-8 credited to LJinto, and photos 9-13 credited to Cliff Nordman.


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