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Cowboy Bebop is one of my favorite anime’s of all time, the existentialist writing and character development make it a classic for a reason. While Faye never really grew on me, I did like the character and role of Julia and how much she affected Spike – and thus, the series as a whole – especially considering her short appearance in the show. With AX coming up and wanting to do add another simple costume. Sadly, our Faye didn’t finish her costume in time, but when a friend volunteered to do Spike, Julia was added to my roster. I purchased a wet-look lycra suit on Ebay and tailored it more to my dimensions. I disliked the tacky white zipper it came with, so I tried about three different zippers before finally liking the look of a metal silver one. The ass belt…thing… was frustrating in concept but easy in construction, because no two references of Julia had them the same, so I stuck with her figurine version. The belt was sewn out of a matching black vinyl, the boots were pre-owned, and I ordered a wig off of Ebay and styled it. This was a *lot* of fun to wear and pose in, and was surprisingly comfortable in the LA heat and humidity. A lot of kudos go to Hybrid-Twist for making the best Spike ever, and we both enjoyed getting to shoot in downtown LA and the slinky bar of a hotel!

Photos 1-6 by LJinto, photos 7-8 by Ricky Yoon, photo 9, 12 by Erik Oginski, photo 10 by Anna Fischer, photo 11 by Martin Wong, photos 13-14 by BlackLogo Photography, and photos 15-17 by Eurobeat King.


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