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Iíve loved Juri since I first saw the Adolescence of Utena movie probably 10 years ago. She was strong, charismatic, willful, a character Iíd like to be like more than just cosplay as. Sheís also very vulnerable and insecure, which makes her a very down to earth and realistic character. Also, she has a thing for tragic whores. I was asked to make Juri for a friend who didnít end up making it to the convention, but I was nonetheless very excited to make and wear it for her sake! I even talked Mostflogged into wearing Shiori if I styled her wig, and tracked down a gold rose photo pendant. The coat was made from a deep orange amaretto with red bias tape that I patterned and tailored myself, with black wool sleeves from the leftovers of Vronsky with satin stitching. The epaulettes are made from lame, craft foam and gold trim. Pants were borrowed from Jetspectacular who really saved my ass, and sword kindly lent from WindoftheStars. The wig was a lace front from Arda Wigs, with the curls styled using latex glue, toilet paper rolls, and styling gel. I intended to wear black heels, but had to stick with black flats so not to further tower over our Utena and Shiori more than I already did. Iím super proud of the wig, itís a gorgeous color and holds the shape so well. Jenni was incredibly sweet to wear Shiori for me, and the pairing photos were just lovely! 3 friends of mine and 3 photographers ended up going off-site to a rose garden and doing an extensive shoot, it was the most beautiful and amazing experience! We got all the very best photos imaginable for Utena cosplayers, Iím so grateful and thankful to everyone involved! I couldnít have done it without Jenni, Melissa, Jet, Elspeth, Robert, Leonard and Richard. <3

Photos 2-13 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 14-19 credited to Richard Bui, and photos 20-26 credited to LJinto.


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