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Iíve wanted to make Karen for years since sheís probably my favorite character in X/1999, Iím attracted to strong female leads, which are few and far between in the world of CLAMPís boy love. This outfit in particular was never on my list of things to make and was a sort of personal joking dare. However, when Eve agreed to do Nataku for me at Fanime, the joke turned serious and I had to make it out of principle. We ended up with a whole group of various Dragons of Heaven and Earth in the end, which was just a pleasure to shoot with! The PVC corset was loosely patterned by me using an old corset pattern I had laying around and altered with deep red taffeta lining, mostly for show rather than real functionality. The bra cups were made using cut up bra forms with push-up inserts, covered in craft foam spray painted with glitter paint. Never again. Looks lovely in photos, but really impossible to work with for consistent results. The arm and leg buckles were patterned from red PVC, boots pre-owned, and finished with a serged chiffon cape. Wig was a lucky find on Ebay that required only bangs to be cut in. I opted out of her thorn choker because haha, no. Iíll need more inserts if Iím brave enough to wear this a second time. Never enough.

Photos 1-2 credited to Ken Eden, photos 3-6 credited to BlackLogo Photography, and photos 7-14 credited to CKDecember, with edits on photos 12-14 credited to Jason at i360.com.


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