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This was such a pleasure to remake a decade after my first attempt, it was incredibly nostalgic while working with materials and skills I didn't have back in the day. Ashe was such an adorable Shion to boot, and a great performance partner! I could've have made this in the month timespan without her support and encouragement. The base was from a double lined jumbo spandex, with the gold accents, abs, and spine pieces made from Thibra-covered EVA foam. The spine has several steel boning strips running down the back, to stabilize the silver spine pieces but also allow the flexibility to bend with my body movement. The hip arches were a lucky find, I re-purposed children's foam swords and heated them to shape, sealed, and painted; this was really a fortunate idea because shaping such an awkward piece of Thibra would have been a pain. The butt rockets - as that's the only name I can possibly think of for them - are EVA foam covered in Thibra, and make standing too close to any wall or sitting a real work of gymnastics. Headpiece was all EVA foam, with a strip of LED's that I split the connection to an external battery that sits under a "floating" spinal piece. I connected it to an IR receiver through control board, so the LED's can actually change color and frequency by remote control, making it super convenient for changes in mood in our skit. Before I wear her again, I need to remake the boots, gloves, arm armor and restyle the wig. It seemed like every color of powder blue I wanted was out of stock at Arda at the time, so I settled on a light blue (her hair color changes in every reference anyway). Gun was 3D printed with a model for a hand cannon from Destiny, then repainted by me to look her more generic space pistol. Funny story: I had to remake the arm armor the night before because who has two hands but forgets costume pieces at home? It's literally a nightmare every cosplayer has dreamed of at least once, I'm sure of it.

All photos credited to Cobheran.


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