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The uniform was handed down from my friend Steph years ago and I was just looking for the right excuse to bust it out when Anna mentioned doing Kamui at Katsucon. I was sold. I went forth to soak it in blood splatter (watered down acrylics) to resemble how she’d look if she died in that uniform, and threw some on myself (and half of Anna’s bathtub) before wearing it to complete the look. Anna allowed me to ruin her old wig for the cause. I couldn’t find her red tie before the convention though. I may or may not have been trolling myself by wearing it as I did. Either way, I found out that I make a gorgeous corpse.

Photos 1-5 credited to Ollie, photos 6-11 credited to Usagichan.com, photo 12 credited to Daniel Gray, photo 13 credited to LJinto, photo 14 credited to Anna Fischer, and photos 15-17 credited to Paul Karpey.


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