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Pretty straightforward construction, but I wanted more natural looking fibers like an elf would have and focused on all the tiniest stupid details like how many stripes each shoulder trim had. The jacket and skirt were made from cotton broadcloth, bodice and shorts from knit ponte, corset from a brown cotton, and belt from vinyl but top stitched to match the look in reference art. I clipped each trim by hand on the tights, shorts, shoulders, arms and bottom of duster and sealed with Fray Check. Wig was bought on Ebay and styled in the hotel room, hair piece was several layers of tulle with ribbon, ears were attached with eyelash glue. Henry of ACP approached me asking if I'd like to work for Aniplex with their push of Sword Art Online, and Leafa's design was generally up my alley. I'm really glad Henry suggested I check out this show and this character because it's quite intelligently written, and she was a lot of fun to wear. I should really pick more comfortable costumes like this in the future, that, and having an obnoxious green outfit makes for finding yourself in photos much easier, lol!

Photo 1 credited to Sleepy, photos 2-16 credited to Everon, photo 17 credited to Joseph Chi Lin, photos 18-20 credited to Ollie, and photos 21-24 credited to Cliff Nordman.


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