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Wanting to remake or rewear some version of Rider for a group at Fanime, I came across a fanart of her “lily” version (existent for some characters, but not Rider) on Deviantart by the talented artist Sakasagami and fell in love with it. Asking the artist for permission, I quickly got to work on her days before the convention. The dress was patterned and made by me in a day out of vinyl and amaretto, same with arm bands although I missed a few small details like ribbons due to time restraints. The boots were reused from Pirotess, the wig was from Fantasy Sheep on Taobao and just the perfect color. The sickles were made by Lionel! I was incredibly proud of our group (Maridah, Pink Bunnie, Yunie, and Floatyman) and cannot wait to wear it with them again. It’s wonderful to have such a talented group of friends come together for a like-minded project! I was also thrilled that the artist liked the end result of her art being translated into fabric and textile, but will fix up some little things on her for the next time she’s worn.

Photos 1-2, 18, 32 by Joseph Lin, photos 3-5 by Cosplayshots.com, photo 6 by Anna Fischer, photo 7 by VinceMichael, photo 8 by Joits Photography, photos 9-13 by Eurobeat King, photos 14-17 by BlizzardTerrak, photos 19-25 by Asianschoolboy.com, and photos 26-31 by LJinto.


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