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All the hot Russian Marvel girls, I aim to do them all! Iíve been meaning to make Illyana for years, Emerald City Comic Con was my first comics convention so there was no better time to commit to it. I hoped to use a little different materials for it, but due to time constraints I ended up buying a sheen black lycra and yellow interlock, which worked well with Illyanaís more classic design. Everything was patterned and made by me in two nights, wig was my old Sailor Venus wig that I trimmed into a blunt cut, and sword by Seth Tate. Iíll make her metal arm in the future, but it of course couldnít happen with a costume made in under 6 hours. Thereís a few things that need fixing up before I wear it again, but for being made in two nights, Iím rather happy with it! Major kudos to Seth Tate for lending me his steel sword, it photographed amazingly but was made from real steel so it took two hands to hold up!

Photo 1 credited to Cliff Nordman and photos 2-31 credited to Seth Tate.


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