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I liked Iris as soon as I started watching Fate/Zero and was excited to make a version of her, since I had a maid costume gifted from my friend Floatyman I figured I could make her artbook maid version. The base was a maid costume gifted to me, I attached sleeves and lace, altered the collar, and reused my Pirotess wig. It unfortunately was quite a pain to style, so I may or may not use it again for future shoots. Shoes were pre-owned. I was a walking creampuff all day, and several friends didnít even recognize me in it because frilly maid costumes are not my norm. Still, it was a fun experience and I look forward to making more of Irisvielís outfits.

Photos 1-3 credited to LJinto, photos 4-5 credited to Conpics.ws, photos 6-7 credited to Photoninja, photo 8 credited to Jason at i360.com, photo 9 credited to Ronin's Photography, and photos 10-11 credited to Ollie.


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