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Having picked up the book series after watching season 1 of the HBO show, I really liked how Melisandre was portrayed in the books, so when some friends invited me to be a part of their GoT group for Dragoncon, I went with Melisandre because her color scheme could be easily recognized, and I enjoyed her mysterious personality. I based her costume off of book descriptions because I found her series costumes horrendous and bland, but was also mindful of staying in the dark red color range so it didnít look gimmicky. The entire costume was patterned by me and made in about three days, so while I like it despite being a bit of a rush job, I plan on redoing the skirt panels. The bodice was done out of varying interfaced panels of dupioni silk and velvet, with the sleeves, cloak and cowl out of taffeta and lined with organza. The skirt was done in dupioni silk with a front panel of heavy velvet, but I think I may reverse the layout in the future. The necklace was made by me out of numerous red Swarovski crystals, I wish it photographed better to show detail. The wig is a beautiful lace front from Arda Wigs that got the right look I was going for with some uneven hairline parting and adding volume with a wide toothed comb. I was so happy and lucky to be part of such a talented group of friends at Dragoncon, and look forward to more wears of this outfit in the future! <3

Photos 1-3 credited to Dr Teng, photo 4 credited to Bentpic5, and photos 5-13 credited to K. Buchan.


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