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We had the idea to do a casual Sailor Moon group the Thursday of Fanime 2010, and I had a violet jacket just like Michiru’s in one episode. Unfortunately, only 3 of us came together for that group, lol. Since I couldn’t remember what the bottom of her outfit looked like, I took some creative liberties. A blue gradient skirt I got for very cheap matched my violet jacket well, and I accented it with a feather trimmed headband and a coconut bracelet and necklace (because Michiru has classy taste^^). The wig was recycled from my Sailor Neptune costume, since the wig’s color and volume imitated her anime hair well. It was a lot of fun, and a few people actually recognized us! AntiAiChan made an adorable Hotaru, and PinkBunnie was beautiful in Rei’s “I Wanna Be a Star” dress that we assembled the night before :)

Photo 1 credited to LJinto, photos 2-3 credited to Darkain.com, photos 4-22 credited to Eurobeat King.


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