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I had short notice in making this outfit, so I mostly used materials I already had on hand and patterned everything from scratch. The entire bodice, jacket and skirt are made out of PVC with details attached through Heat-N-Bond under wax paper so not to melt the PVC. My favorite part is the hand-cut NERV logo on the skirt, the dash of gold really brings in the entire outfit! I reused my old Misato wig and restyled the bangs, ordered a golf umbrella in similar colors to the figurine, and used my own patent leather pumps. Super fun! I was super psyched when Windofthestars and Vampy asked me to join them in race queens for Fanime, I knew it was a rare opportunity because Lionel would have his Eva Unit 02 cockpit there to pose in. This was so much fun to wear around!

Photos 1-2 credited to Winter Wish Photography, photos 3-5 credited to BlizzardTerrak, photo 6 credited to Sleepy, photos 7-8 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 9-14 credited to Ollie, photo 15 credited to BGZ Studios, photo 16 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum. and photo 17 credited to LJinto.


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