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I’ve wanted to make Motoko for years, but never got the excuse to until I purchased AmazonMandy’s old wig, and Lionel made plans to make a Tachikoma at Fanime 2009. That fell through, so instead he offered to make me a manga-inspired cybersuit, which I happily agreed to. We commissioned the white PVC suit from Chinese slave labor, lol, and although all my measurements were given, it was still a little loose around thighs and back. Lionel made all the modifications to it, including LED lights, wires, headpiece, and accessories. I only provided the wig, shoes, contacts, and little Tachikoma in place of a big one, lol! I absolutely love wearing this, and although it gets very hot and uncomfortable quickly, she’s a sexy character with an attitude I can fall into so easily.

Photos 1-4 by Darkain.com, photos 5-10 by LJinto, photos 11-23 by Usagichan.com, and photos 24-36 by Idolatry Studios.


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