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I had matte vinyl spandex that wouldn’t have worked for Magik and needed to make use of it, so Ms. Marvel came to mind because I’ve wanted to make her for a while anyway. Whole costume was patterned by me, bodysuit was given french princess seams and the 4 way stretch lightning bolt was reverse-applique’d, sash is equestrian lycra. I wanted to avoid using heels for the boot covers because she wears flats in the reference art, but flats rarely look good with a leotard (at least on me) so I met it halfway using wedge booties. Next time I’ll have a real silicone mask and lacefront wig. I’ve never had more emotional frustration with a costume than this, probably because I only had 3 evenings to finish it. I have plans to remake or fixing half the costume before it’s worn again… I love Carol Danvers and would be heartbroken to not do my very best to give her justice!

Photo 1 credited to Sleepy, photo 2 credited to David Ngo, photos 3-8 credited to Imran Ismail, photos 9-12 credited to Carroll Kong, with edits by Winterwish Photography on photo 12, photos 13-16 credited to Cliff Nordman, photo 17 credited to Ronin's Photography, and photos 18-24 credited to Usagichan.com.


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