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Sailor Neptune has been my favorite (along with Venus) since I first watched Sailor Moon back in 1996. I figured that I should probably cosplay her after 15 years of writing fanfics and oggling her beautiful design. This costume was made by Tristine Citrine, and passed on to me by Inara. I obviously forgot her choker for the test shots, and will remake the gloves eventually. I purchased the longer teal wig in hopes of doing her manga version later, but found it didn't match to the fuku colors. Oh well, there will be more versions of her coming from me in the future! It was great to have Cyberbird as Uranus, even if we tried to hide the height difference, lol!

Photos 1-5, 16-18 by Darkain.com, photo 5 by Idolatry Studios, photos 6-7 by Popecerebus, photo 8 by Usagichan.com, photos 9-10, 24-37 by Eurobeat King, photo 11 by Kevinhedgecockphoto.com, photos 12-15, 19-21, 23 by Ollie, photo 22 by Tiffany Chang, and photos 38-39 by LJinto.


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