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This costume was a bit of a hot mess... I ordered the suit from China in the hopes of having it as just a fun outfit to wear for drinking shenanigans with friends. Unfortunately, I don't think the Chinese believed the measurements I gave them because it came in 3 sizes too big. I was forced to completely take in the entire suit, remake the sash, and resew the heels so pumps could be worn without adding any new fabric to the "boots". With all the trouble I went through, I could have honestly made it on my own with less stress and in the same time frame lol. I probably would not have worn this if a friend who works at Marvel didn't need some models for a project. Very thick and wavy, the lacefront has very workable fibers so you can make your own part.

Photo 1 credited to Sleepy, photo 2 credited to Judy Stephens, photos 3-4 credited to Tiffany Chang, photos 5-7 credited to Cliff Nordman, photos 8-9, 15-19 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum, photos 10-13 credited to Mary Austin-Keller, and photo 14 credited to Vinyas Maddi.


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