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Toastersix mentioned doing Deedlit, and asked if I’d be interested in Pirotess. I immediately agreed since it’s been on my to-do list for years, and with such a cute Deedlit, who could refuse! Different artworks of Pirotess portray her in several color variations, ranging from a violent dress with blonde hair to white hair on a tan dress, and all shades of tan. With my friend going with the traditional color palette, I decided to stick with her classic all-white palette as well. The costume came together a lot quicker than I expected, but not without hiccups. The dress was made out of a heavy vinyl and took me a few days to pattern and tailor it, inserting sticky bra cups in order to keep…things…from popping out. My machine dreaded the vinyl so I had to appliqué the gold designs instead of machine stitching like I wanted. The belts were made from pleather, and her armor piece from craft foam and puffy paint. The ears were from YayaHan.com, which I painted to a darker shade. The boots were purchased on Amazon, gloves borrowed from Klytaemnestra, wig provided by Toastersix, and the headpiece made by Yunie. I had some trouble with the tanner around the chest area, combining Sally Hansen and L’Oreal, but it worked out pretty alright for a first wear. Being as tan as from the Caribbean was interesting, and I look forward to a second run of this outfit to fix the problems I had. I’m so glad I had an adorable Deedlit to pose with, more Pirotess outfits may be on the horizon.

Photos 1-10 credited to Jason of i360.com, photos 11-15 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 16-17, 22 credited to Judith Stephens, photos 18-21, 23-40 credited to Eurobeat King, photos 41-48 by Kevin Chan, photos 49-60 by Oscar Cwajbaum, photo 61 by Carroll Kong, photos 62-64 by BlizzardTerrak, and photos 65-67 by LJinto.


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