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I've actually wanted to do Pluto for a while, she wasn't my favorite growing up, but I think as maturity and age slowly matched up, she grew on me. The costume itself wasn't much work, but being in a group with fabulous ladies was the whole draw to it when NekoXstar (Saturn) suggested we put together a group of Carlations Art pinup girls. I hope we can assemble more and more ladies with us next time! The swimsuit was patterned by me, and since I couldn't find a wide black and white stripe spandex in time, I ended up making my own. The wig is an Arda styled by me, earrings and choker by Starlight Creations, and hat was ordered off Amazon.

Photo 1 credited to Neeko Cosplay Photography, photos 2-5 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 6-15 credited to Ross Harris, and photos 16-18 credited to Eurobeat Kasumi.


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