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The base is made out of an olive sateen for which I used a bunnysuit pattern made by and fitted by Mostflogged, and covered the bodice, body and bottom with wisteria leaves. I wanted to avoid using ivy leaves as much as possible except on the leg and arm accents, and used larger foiled leaves on the butt as a modesty cover. I painted over a pair of heels I owned and glued ivy garlands to the base, having them wrap up the legs and pinned to the tights. The rest was adding hundreds of small rhinestone details to each leaf - even the ivy garlands and shoes - and constructing a hairpiece out of matching leaves, green and ivory flowers, and peacock accents. I wanted to loosely style the wig so it could be reused, so the leaves in the hair are all pinned in. The concept came together when I thought of Ivy as a glamorous, badass lady who emerged from a forest covered in morning dew drops and leaves. I loved the Kotobukiya figure of Poison Ivy, but didn't feel up to painting myself green, so I came up with a design that incorporated elements of Michael Turner's art that I adored. I wanted something that deviated from the usual ivy leaves one piece bikini with boots and gloves, but still kept her very sensual and detailed design origins. The wig is ery curly and bouncy even after multiple wears and restyling, it's a gorgeous lace-front.

Photos 1 and 16 credited to PhotoNinja, photos 2-4 credited to Nelson Lau Photography, photos 5-14 credited to DF Imagery, photo 15 credited to Anna Fischer, and photos 17-21 credited to LuckyGrim.


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