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Lionel and I had planned another cyberpunk costume for Fanime 2010 after the success of cybersuit at Fanime 2009. We compiled several ideas which ended up with a cyberpunk, Dragonís Heaven costume with some Ghost in the Shell influences. Dragonís Heaven is an old school, kind of obscure anime with gorgeous artwork and a futuristic story, and much of the costumeís looks are Ghost in the Shell inspired. Lionel made the bulk of the costume and all the accessories, I provided the wig and shoes. The headpiece, shoulder piece, and gun laser all light up, but I have zero visibility when the visor is on. I enjoyed that this outfit is in the reverse color palette from Fanime 2009's costume, and has a very different feeling to it. We even shot in the same parking garage! Dressing as a sexy future cop is quite a bit of fun Ė so many thanks to Lionel for designing it and putting this shoot put together.

Photos 1-11 credited to Usagichan.com, photos 12-15 credited to Darkain.com, photos 16-21 credited to Eurobeat King, and photos 22-23 credited to LJinto.


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