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Because I anticipated doing a lot of movement for all the action poses that generally come with a comic character, I used a sports performance spandex and lined it in itself, patterning the suit myself. In the future I'll probably raise the seam lines to be more prominent in photos, but I promise they're there! lol The armor was inspired by *RuffleButtCosplay 's tutorial for fabric covered foam armor, and patterned the plates to fit with each other perfectly, but also have that bit of space to be flexible and move with me.Turns out ponte is a great, thick stretch fabric for this and came in the right shade of blue! I also kept fabric choices in mind for the cape, using a bright raylon so it could look natural in its movement for posing and in the wind, since comic characters' loose fabrics always look so light and airy, easily swept up. Kara has been on my to-do list for...years now, but I always somehow hesitated to make her, be it the design (it's more intimidating craftsmanship than you'd expect!) or the event, but SDCC felt like the right place, and when I saw her new 52 re-design with the battle armor, it screamed to be made. Functionality with a twist on a classic design, who doesn't love that! Plus, all the seams and lines on the new leotard are a keen breakaway from PG's vertical seams with a flattering design in mind. I simply could not be happy with any wig I styled for this outfit, so I ended up dyeing my own hair a few shades lighter for it because it had the right cut. In my mind, it's still too dark for PG, but I'll find a suitable wig the next time its worn. It was super fun to take photos with AntiAiChan as adorable Supergirl!

Photos 1-7 credited to Andrew Ho, photo 8 credited to BlizzardTerrak, and photos 9-13 credited to Ken Eden Photography.


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