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This was grossly under-finished by the time con rolled around - I didn't finish the mask, the choker, or her boot armor pieces. Don't even get into the chained weapons. But I wore it anyway for my Sakura and Saber, and decided to wear my purple contacts and just think I was turning everyone to stone, lol! I'll finish this monster soon. The dress was patterned and made by me, the arm covers and purple bits hand sewn and stuffed with batting (purple vinyl provided by Lizzie). The boots were purchased and altered. The wig was purchased with bangs cut in, so I had to style them up into a curve in her hairline, which was a pain but possible with the same super glue gel by L’Oreal as used for my Ingus wig – though it kind of got crushed in my luggage. I changed into her casual version from Ataraxia, but I'll probably only separate the two costumes once I get more photos in it. Yunie as Sakura, Ifria as Saber.

Photos 1-2 by Usagichan.com, photos 3-4 by TofuSnow.com, photos 5-9 by Idolatry Studios, and photo 10 by Darkain.com.


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