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Eve asked me to wear it with her Bazett at Fanime, and it was a nice excuse to bring this costume out again since I had a horrid wig for it back in 2009. Most of it was closet cosplay Ė preowned sweater, jeans, shoes, glasses, and sickles made by Lionel Lum. The wig was from Fantasy Sheep and styled by me into high bangs, probably the nicest long wig Iíve owned to date. The simplicity of the costume was accented with gold and violet contact lenses from PinkyParadise. A very fun and simple version of Rider, I rather enjoyed the poses that came to mind! Seems Iím destined to one day make all the versions of Medusa Rider class.

Photos 1-9 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum, photos 10-14 credited to Winterwish Photography, and photo 15 credited to BlizzardTerrak.


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