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I've loved Hannah Alexander's art for a while now, and when I had the chance to fly to London as a judge for the finals of EuroCosplay, I realized she could be made in about a week, mostly with materials I already had on hand. I only made small tweaks to the artist's design, such as changing the gladiator sandals to a woven-looking feather heels because the length of my legs would appear to be cut by the straps. I still have ambition to add a lot beading and layers of feathers to the duster bottom, but for a first run in London, I was very proud of the result. The base of the costume was made on a steel boned corset with panels of dupioni silk and brocade, belted with a stretch belt I altered. The duster is roughly 3 meters of hand dyed satin-like polyester, patterned by me and hand cut feathers on the edges. The feather bra is built into the corset, covered with turkey downs, rounds, and rooster coque feathers cut and laid individually by hand; the hair piece is also turkey rounds and rooster coque, with freshwater pearls draping. Wig was reused from an older costume, I sewed in a weft of light brown highlights, but may have to add more to show up more prominently.

Photos 1, 5-8 credited to N8e and photos 2-4 credited to Anna of Artflower.


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