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I wanted to make a hybrid of the costume between what art images were used for promotion and how you actually saw her (so briefly!) in the second season. Instead of making her fur bracers, I opted to use lambskin shackles by Mystic Leathers as an homage to how you see her in the series - jailed and downtrodden, but still with a spark of rebellion in her eye. I joked all while wearing her that the design lends her to look like the female version of Iskander from Fate/Zero. The construction of the rest was very straightforward: polyester chest wrap double sewn and self lined, with the cape patterned by me with use of arctic faux fur donated by Kapalaka; I distressed the bottom to give a feeling of being well worn and having seen combat. The wig was styled in an up-do, but perhaps next time I'll go with a clip-in pony tail to give it better height and volume definition.

Photo 1 credited to Michael Iacca, photos 2-5 credited DF Imagery, photos 6-7 credited to PhotosNXS, photo 8 credited to DJ Kafka Photos, and photos 9-10 credited to Betwixt Photos.


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