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Windofthestars wanted to cosplay together as guests at SNAFU-con’s first year, and since she was already in the process of making Rei, I checked out the series, found out I loved it, and settled on Shizuka because she was easy to put together, and extremely likable as the “adult” of the story despite being very ditsy. Since this was a last minute endeavor, I had to mostly piece together clothes I already had. The shirt was purchased and dyed, I owed the pants, and the wig was recycled and restyled from my Venus. Boobs and zombies? What could possibly be better together! I usually dislike ditsy characters so I avoid them, but the constant jokes about Shizuka’s watermelons and her personality made her very likable, and real insecurities she carries just like the rest of the cast made her more easy to relate to. I’m very happy Windy was my super sexy Rei, we had a lot of fun posing off each other despite the very cold weather.

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