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The dress and arm bands are cotton calico lined in dupioni silk (albeit of a low grade), and the sashes and hair piece in cottons of varying cotton prints, brocades, and batiks. As per every Amano and fanart reference, I added a thin layer of zebra print - because it's not a Terra without it! The bottom cape is a peach and pink gradient chiffon with the top layer a sheer with embroidered flowers, both attached by wire, lined in beautiful red coral. 99% of the jewelry was made by me, mostly in Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, with the large pendant painted mother of pearl. Tights were purchased on Ebay, as was the surprisingly thick wig, which made me want to burn it after the trouble it gave me in styling it. Overall, I was pleased with how this turned out, considering time restraints of finishing it in 3 days while studying for an exam, homework, and debate, lol. It's a WIP, so more will be done in beading, fabrics and trim for her 2nd debut at Fanime. I took inspiration from Japanese cosplayers who weren't reserved about the use of colorful and contrasting fabrics, and that approach surprisingly matched the fanart and in-game sprite scenes I used as reference. I always thought of Terra with her sprite-green hair because when I was younger, I constantly confused her blonde version for Celes, lol!

Photos 1-6 by ChocoChick, photos 7, 19-21 by Darkain.com, photos 8-18 by i360.com, photos 22-24, 45 by LJinto, photos 25-30 by Usagichan.com, photos 31-42 by Richard Bui Photography, photo 43 by Asianschoolboy.com, and photo 44 by Judith Stephens Photography.


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