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For my first time coming out to an east coast con, Ginia and I wanted to put together something cute and ridiculous, so we flipped through artbook versions of Cardcaptors and settled on this, ironically appropriate for Valentine's Day weekend too. Throwing the heart plush around was so much fun! Ginia and I collaborated to use white satin casa, and so we matched she dyed all the flowers and sewed the blue ascots. The skirt and top, fully lined, were drafted by me, and I made a small petticoat to give the dress some volume, without overdoing it. All the blue trim was machine embroidered by me, which I now regret because rick-rack would have been more noticeable and less time consuming, lol. The back bow was my first attempt, and the heart was stuffed fleece with wire-held craft foam - simple, but does the job.

All photos by Usagichan.com.


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