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I scouted the metallic spandex for this outfit nearly half a year in advance while in NYC fashion district, knowing I'd eventually want to make The Unknown, but not yet having the details of how I'd go about her goopy outfit. I patterned and sewed the bodysuit from scratch, then fit it over a duct tape body double of my torso so not to ruin my mannequin working on it. The trick to this costume is getting it to look like some kind of slim just oozed up her form, but I didn't want to use latex because it's obscenely expensive, and wouldn't necessarily give me the raised textures I was looking for. With Jeff's help we settled on silicone caulking mixed with acrylic paint and corn syrup to force it to bond to the fabric. Thankfully, silicone has quite a bit of flexibility to it so it can move freely and hold about the same stretch limitations as the fabric, so I didn't have to install something unsightly like zippers. The bodice holds up via sticky bra cups, with loose pieces and the facial oil kept in place with Prosaid adhesive. I opted for a lace front wig because I felt it called for it with her loose bang pieces flopping all over the place. Unknown is probably the most badass boss of all of the Tekken games, and being incredibly hard to beat after she transforms from Jun Kazama made me love having her as a playable character even more. In the CG art released for the game, the oil on her is in a rather...precarious shape over the torso, however, I was saved from indecent public exposure when playing the game because her oil actually *moves* up and down up to her shoulders, giving me a reasonable amount of creative liberty and interpretive decency lol. I was super happy to wear this with my gorgeous Jun Kazama, Nightkinks, she is simply the prettiest Kazama Mama. <3

Photos 1-3 credited to Oscar Cwajbaum, photo 4 credited to Martin Wong, and photos 5-9 credited to LJinto.


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